This image is a photmontage which represents the chemical composition of water, H2O. Images from the periodic table, ocean waves, blue ink wash and vellum were pulled together functionally to represent the illustrated image. As an independant project I am working on creating a series of visual imagery representing other chemical compounds such as Hydrogen, Caffeine, Glucose and Gold.

Cover Design / Technical Illustration

The catalog cover on the left was designed for a technical engineering catalog, Engineering Solutions Direct using Adobe Illustrator from the Adobe Creative Suite.

Branding / Art Direction

Teky was a branded character used by Cole Parmer to highlight innovative products in their catalog Technovations.

Technical Illustration / Operation Manual

This is a page spread from a technical manual I created while at Cole Parmer. The manufacturer supplied a pump head which the Cole Parmer studio photographed. I took the Photoshop images and drew them using Adobe Illustrator.


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